Patriotic 4-Pack

Patriotic 4-Pack

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Limited Edition Variety 4-Pack with a Pack of 8 Patriotic Stickers!

Let freedom ring while reducing waste with Sipsee, the bottle stopper designed to fit many sizes of plastic, glass and aluminum bottles, including water, juice, sports drinks...even beer and wine! The unique system allows you to carry it with you at all times (e.g., on a keychain or with a carabiner) while protecting it from dirt and grime. 

Customize it and take it with you to keep track of your beverage bottles!

  • Made in the USA of high quality materials 
  • Recyclable and will last for hundreds of uses.
  • FDA-certified material (free of BPA/S, PVC, phthalates)
  • Dishwasher safe

Number of Sipsees: 4
Includes 8-sticker pack of patriotic stickers to further personalize your Sipsee!